We practice a method of affirmative prayer called Spiritual Mind Treatment or Affirmative prayer.

Spiritual mind treatment is a step-by-step process, in which one states the desired outcome as if it is already known that it has happened. Each step flows logically from the last one.

Treatment is to be stated as personal, positive, powerful, and present. The goal is to gain clarity in thinking that guides action to be consistent with the desired outcome. The treatment sets off a new chain of causation in Mind that leads one to act according to the good for which one is treating.


Affirmative prayer is not supplication or petition, but recognition and acceptance that God is all there is; that there is no spot where God is not; that we are all Spiritual Beings here and how; and that all the abundance of the universe is already ours if we accept and embody it.

 Steps of Spiritual Mind Treatment

  1. Recognition: God is all there is — In your own words, acknowledge the oneness, the allness, the wholeness of God; express your conviction that there is no spot, no situation, where God is not,
  2. Unification: I am one with God — In your own words, declare that there is One Mind, that Mind is God, and that Mind is your mind right now. Express your deep knowledge of “God in me, as me, is me.”
  3. Realization: I accept and embody my good — In your own language, express your deep realization that all the riches of the Universe are your heritage because of who you are — God’s perfect child. Speak your word for yourself, stating the purpose of your treatment (the condition of your life you want to change) and that you see that the good you desire is already yours.
  4. Thanksgiving: I give thanks — Express your overwhelming thankfulness for the Truth of your being and your affairs. This stage is an outpouring of your attitude of gratitude for life and all it holds.
  5. Release: I let go and let God — In your own words, release your word to the action of the Law, knowing that your good is already coming into manifestation.


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