Hello Beloveds!

There are so many metaphors for this period of time that we find ourselves experiencing.  Whether we call it a cocoon, a “time-out,” or a sheltering in place order, it provides us with an opportunity to deepen our daily spiritual practice.  This morning during the Face Book Live session, I talked about entering the Upper Room, and this time is an opportunity to become very familiar with our own Upper Room, individually as well as a spiritual community.

The Upper Room is Consciousness, a state of awareness, or that inner realm of Being where we witness and behold our higher Wisdom Self, the God Self, the Christ Light of Being.  It is where we feel the Oneness and Union with the Divine, with everyone and all creation.

There is no time or space or otherness in the Upper Room.  There is no sense of separation, judgment or opinions in the Upper Room.  There is only the Presence of Love, Peace, timelessness, and fulfillment.

The Upper Room is always open, awaiting our entrance.  We enter the upper Room through the pathway of awareness and attention.  So, any meditation tools such as watching the breath, repeating mantras, chants, or simply being mindful of the present moments can empower us to pass through the threshold of awareness.  That my Life is the Life of the Divine.

Practitioners are now available to guide us into the Upper Room Consciousness through praying one – on – one after service on Zoom.  We will now call this opportunity “The Upper Room.”  And when we are together again in person, they will continue the Upper Room after our Celebration Service.

Please remember that we can choose to live from the Upper Room Consciousness or from the basement of our reactive minds.  It is our choice.  It does, however, require daily Practice and clear Intention.  I invite all of us to set an Intention to live from the Upper Room Consciousness.  You will be glad you did!